The 5th Annual Nashville Universe Awards Show Broadcast on the Country Network

Join us for an epic night of celebrating the rising stars of the Nashville Universe filled with great performances and a few surprises.

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Monday June 18
7 pm & 10 pm in each time zone
Eastern: 7 pm & 10 pm
Central: 6 pm & 9 pm
Pacific: 4 pm & 7 pm
Tuesday June19
8 pm in each time zone
Eastern: 8 pm
Central: 7 pm
Pacific: 5 pm
Wednesday June 20
10 am in each time zone
Eastern: 10 am
Central: 9 am
Pacific: 7 am
Thursday June 21
9 pm in each time zone
Eastern: 9 pm
Central: 8 pm
Pacific: 6 pm
Friday June 22
10 am in each time zone
Eastern: 10 am
Central:  9 am
Pacific: 7 am
Sunday June 24
3 pm in each time zone
Eastern: 3 pm
Central: 2 pm
Pacific: 12 pm